A Nordic Spa Experience in Quebec

Just 20-30 minutes from the capital of Canada, Ottawa is a town full of Nordic Spas. Actually it’s in a whole other province called Quebec in the town Gatineau and its surrounding townships. Quebec is home to the largest thermal spas in Canada, offering not just thermal experience but a whole luxury package.

A friend and I went to a smaller nordic spa called Koena Spa in the evening. We say it is a small nordic spa when we compare the others, such as the infamous Nordik Spa Nature, Mont Tremblant, Siberia Station Spa, etc. I’m telling you there is a whole industry of various thermal spas in the area, and I am here for it! Anyways, I went to Koena Spa where we paid about $90 CAD for access to the space. It includes an oasis of hot pools and tubs, cold pools, relaxation areas, saunas and streams. Koena Spa was mostly outdoor with areas where you can go indoors by the fireplace and hang out. In addition, they have heaters around the space to keep the temperature balance.

My favourite part of the experience was the steam room. At Koena Spa, they mixed in a bit of eucalyptus and let me tell how refreshing that scent was. It was simply heavenly! Another experience you have to try is the cold baths. Apparently, the trick is to either do a steam, sauna or hot bath, exfoliate your skin with the various scrubs they have lying around, wash it off with warm water then dump cold water 3 times onto your body. You continue this cycle as it even outs your body temperature. At first, I could not handle the cold water as it was outside in the middle of November in Quebec. If you know anything about Canadian cold weather, it is no joke. However, as I got used to it, I was walking in and out of the space like spring is upon us.

I would highly recommend indulging in a thermal spa experience in Quebec. Quebec is a great destination for winter vacations as they have great ski resorts and hiking trails. Throw in a thermal experience in the middle of winter and there you have a luxury vacation. Don’t be too scared of the language barrier, as Gatineau is not too far from the province of Ontario (where Toronto and Ottawa is located. lol) and many people that work in these establishments speak English. Koena Spa is attached to the DoubleTree Hotel, so if you choose to stay overnight, you can easily go upstairs and check in. Koena Spa is also much more affordable compared to the surrounding nordic spas around town. However, it is also a bit smaller than the others as well. Nonetheless, I found the space perfect for my first nordic spa Experience in Quebec.

I have been ranting and raving with my friends and family that we need to make a trip to Quebec and enjoy such a luxurious experience. I would say a nordic spa in North America is mimicking the famous Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Therefore, if you cannot afford a trip to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, then come on over to Quebec and enjoy an abundance of thermal spas. A nordic spa experience is a must during the fall and/or winter seasons. Try it out and let me know. If you need assistance in booking a winter holiday, please do not hesitate to contact Virtual Nomads. We are happy to assist you.

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