“I am also an adventurer, not afraid to go horseback riding in Puerto Rico and Ghana, climb up Mayan ruins or hop on a bus to Belize”

As a Travel Consultant and Influencer, it is my job to spend time choose the right itinerary and excursions to inspire you on your next adventure. I am also an adventurer, not afraid to go horseback riding in Puerto Rico and Ghana, climb up Mayan ruins or hop on a bus to Belize. And as an adventurer, it is my passion to help others to enjoy the best excursions and activities out there so that they can get the most out of their vacation time.

Food is another area that can make or break a vacation. So fortunately for my clients, finding unique dining and cooking experiences to enhance their itinerary is another area that I specialize in. As for accommodations, I have stayed in all types, from hostels to five-star resorts. These varied experiences have helped me to pair my clients with the right type of lodging for their particular travel style.

Through informational resources such as photography, videos, blogging, social media and weekly newsletters; the goal is to inspire you to actively see the world and fulfill those bucket lists. So if you are ready to have a travel itinerary customized and designed specifically to your needs, email or call me! I know that together, we can create an adventure that will leave you with fond memories that will last a lifetime. But enough of my profession, let me let you get to know who I am! Jessica is my name and all things travel is my favourite game! I do come with corny slogans but who wants a dry travel specialist!

I am a native of Toronto with a strong Ghanaian identity thanks to my wonderful parents. In fact, my favorite country to travel to is Ghana! I am the youngest in my family and would say the most favorite one according my siblings. Lol. Fall is my favorite season because of the amazing fashion that is showcased. I am a lover of dance, particularly Kizomba originating in Angola and Samba celebrated in Brazil. I am loving the music coming from the continent particularly south African house and my favorite artist is Sade. If you don’t know Sade, feel free to reach out and I will gladly send you a playlist with her greatest hits. I hope through this bio, you can run wild with your imagination, the passion behind Virtual Nomads and connect with our vision to support your dreams of travel AND EXPLORING culture.

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