2016 Women In Travel Summit By Wanderful

2016 Women in Travel Summit

With money being tight and the American dollar putting the Canadian currency to shame, I decided to attend the 2016 Women In Travel Summit. I joined the Facebook group and reached out for a roommate and within 2 days I was setup with the one.

vancity ticket.png

I flew into Orange County, hoped on the Hotel shuttle bus and walked into the luxurious Hotel Irvine. From there, I headed to my hotel room where I met my roommate, the awesome Cha Jones.

Towards the end of the night, we headed to the Andrei’s Conscious Cuisine & Cocktails restaurant, where we got complimentary drinks and food for the night. I did not have the chance to eat for the reason, I was already catching up with folks I have not seen since the last WITS I attended. It was so dope meeting old and new people while getting my face bedazzled.


The next day, we started the conference with an opening speech from Evita Robinson, the founder of Nomadness Travel Tribe. It was an honor to hear her speak on stage so genuinely and effortlessly. I built up the courage and asked how she gets folks to trust her in booking travel as it was one of the reasons I decided to attend this summit. Her answer was super genuine where she emphasized on being consistent in getting tasks done in the hopes that people recognize and start the process of trusting you.  This spoke so much to me and kept echoing throughout the weekend.

The weekend was filled with diverse workshops that catered to living abroad, volunteering, travel writing, photographer just to name a few. The workshops I attended focused on Bloggers and Entrepreneurship. In addition, I got the opportunity to support my roommate Cha Jones in her workshop where she alongside other amazing women shared their tips on living and traveling abroad.

nomadic chic.png

Throughout the weekend I met so many amazing women and brands where we connected on a deep level. I met women who were travel agents like myself and we discussed how this conference intersects with sales. I met Canadians from all over the nation who shared hugs when we heard there was another Canuck within the space. I met amazing black women who were about their business in all aspects of travel and it was just so many proud moments to see my sisters define their own journeys within the travel industry. I met soul sisters who through travel we were meant to meet on a deeper level that was too sacred for the space. I basically saw me in every aspect of the weekend and it was beautiful to be reflected though other influential ladies. All I can say is the Women In Travel Summit this year was not the same as I remembered in 2014.  


It has changed for the better!I have seen folks who were there from the beginning and today they were now presenting workshops on their success. Prior to coming, I was nervous that I had not made something of myself in these last two years and would be asked what happened. Instead, I was received with welcomes and new opportunities for growth.Here is a video highlighting moments at the summit. Enjoy!

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