An Ode To Solo Travel

A solo trip to London

Adventures, budget and freedom depicts my solo travel experience. I have been to Chicago, California, Mexico, Belize and London on a solo trip. Well Mexico I visited my friend and London I visited my family but I did do solo activities. LOL

What I can say about travelling by yourself, is everyone should try it at least once. Just try once and email or message me on social media on your experience. The reason everyone should try it at least once as I believe, it really is a vulnerable experience to be out there on your own. You begin to enjoy your own company, that is if you did not. You realize just how resilient, awesome, cool or curious you really are. I can go on and on about how it could make you feel but I would rather use my own story to be a vehicle to enlighten your curiosity.

I was in Belize in the town of Hopkins, which is the food capital of the country, hands down. I arrived the night before very late, so I once I woke up I owed myself the time to enjoy the water. I got my bathing suit, hopped in the water which was like a warm pool. Now, I would like to add that I cannot swim so I was very close to the shores. Like even the kids that were went further than me. I really need to learn how to swim. LOL Nevertheless, a young Belizean women was there with her gorgeous sons. Her kids met other children whose parents were close by. Once these kids were enjoying each other’s parents, this women came sat beside me near, splashing water at me. So I splashed her back. We spoke on how she brought her kids here because one was sick and thought water was the best medicine to heal. I thought to myself, how powerful she was a mother to even have those instincts to heal her own children. Now we started talking again and she is asking advice on how to care for her own hair. Now I have always had issues with my own hair experience where the growth aspect of my hair has been a frustrating process. When she asked me, I literally was like “Who are you talking to about this, me? “ She was like yes, I have my hair in a natural state which is a goal for not only herself but to show her sons how health looks like from her follicle.
Right at that moment, I was very honoured for the good old Lord providing a sacred space for us to bond.We came so far in our process that it was truly our moment of healing. It was such a magical moment to share sisterhood un-apologetically not only about hair but the advancement of our visions in life as if we knew each other for at least 5 years.

From then on, I really believe solo travelling is a needed time of discovering what is within and outside myself. I know not everywhere I go, I will have that Black girl magic moment but I know I deserve cool experiences because I am worth it. I am worth saving my coins and exploring the world. I am worth taking $50.00 from my little paychecks(believe they are tiny) and enjoying a night out on the town on my own. Solo travel allows me to believe that things can happen. My experience travelling solo was never a grand experience that shifted my mind set but the moments I embraced being present while en route to Chicago for a travel conference or getting on an aircraft by myself and excited with joy on the moments yet to come. These smaller moments really moved a muscle in myself to walk in conviction as you never know what amazing things are coming your way. So cheers to avoiding those supplement fees when travelling solo. Cheers to getting the seat you desire when travelling solo (Oh I found it easier to get upgraded, just saying). Cheers to getting more attraction to those you find attractive. Lastly, cheers to enjoying yourself, wherever it is that you go.

Published by JessieO

My name is Jessica Opoku, and I’m an experienced lifestyle travel specialist with a deep passion for adventure. My background, experience, and unique blend of skills enable me to easily understand the travel personality of others and help them pick the perfect itinerary and excursions whenever they need an adventure.

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