Where to travel after Prom

This is the time of the year you have been waiting for. You have worked hard to ensure you get into the right program for school, and you should treat yourself. You and your Grade 12 or senior class are trying to figure out where we should go? I know you want your instagram to be filled with epic stories and photos. I know many of you will part after the school. Do not worry I got you covered. Here are the top 5 destinations to travel.


Mexico is a great destination for post -prom travel as there many destinations with this beautiful nation to jetset to. There is Cancun, Tulum and we have new exciting destinations such as Puerto Vallarta & Cozumel. From the pyramids of El Castillo in the center of Chichen Itza, to Xcaret Park along the coast of Yucatan, there are so many different excursions that these history-enriched destinations offer! The weather in Mexico is almost perfect all year-round therefore going there after prom or high school is still ideal. It is ideally affordable for air travel and accommodation which can lure your prom travel group to take advantage of.

  1. Jamaica

Raise your hand if you like a good Jerk Chicken! Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean, known for its music, top resorts and excursions that keep you fulfilled for the whole week. There are daily flights to Jamaica in major cities in North America & Europe from multiple airlines. I would recommend going to the Dunn Rivers Falls, surfing on the beach with fellow Rasta mans and enjoying the sounds of Reggae, Dancehall and Afrobeats on many exclusive beaches. You do not have to worry about food in Jamaica as they offer the best cuisines that cater to all diverse palettes.

3. Dominican Republic

This is a popular destination for North Americans travelers with its pristine, white-sand beaches, huge luxury resorts, and beautiful sunshine and sand all day long. What else could you ask for? Most graduates go to Punta Cana and they enjoy excursions such as Zipline, surfing, catamaran cruise and beach activities. I have seen tour companies that offer your own DJ and Emcee to get the party started. So get your salsa and bachata steps in order before you go.

4. New York

The Big Apple! Every 10 minutes there is a flight descending in JFK or LaGuardia airport. While in New York you can shop, shop and shop in the main fashion neighborhoods. New York is known for its countless options for food. So even if you are on a tight budget you can grab a pizza for a dollar or book a reservation at the hottest restaurants. There are many museums, day events, theaters, comedy nights, and cruises. I would recommend going to Coney Island as it is popular with the natives.

5. Montreal

A European city in the middle of Canada, Montreal is popular among Canadian students who are enamored by the number of pountines on every street corner. Montrealers love to have a night out on the town and it goes beyond partying. They enjoy live music, comedy, art, and street festivals. This is an opportunity to meet other people who may be going to your new school at the end of summer.

These destinations are a favorite among graduates and they have led to lifelong memories and instagram worthy photos that make your friends at home a little envious. I am pretty sure there are more exciting destinations out there and I encourage you to look out for what suits you and your class.

Published by JessieO

My name is Jessica Opoku, and I’m an experienced lifestyle travel specialist with a deep passion for adventure. My background, experience, and unique blend of skills enable me to easily understand the travel personality of others and help them pick the perfect itinerary and excursions whenever they need an adventure.

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