Summer Season Travel

Monday, June 21st, 2021 will the first day of summer and many of us around the world are looking  to gallivant around the world. Whether it is the next major attraction nearby or an international destination, it is time to start preparing for a well deserved time off and rid yourself of languish. 

According to Skift, seasonal tourist markets have seen an increase in their accommodation, experiences, and car rental bookings. Smaller towns and cities like Key West and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, have reported some of the highest occupancy rates in the U.S. during the pandemic while top 25 markets like New York City and San Francisco floundered. It looks like many travelers are looking for a off the beaten path type of experience. This could be due to avoiding large crowds that increase your risk of getting the C-19. Nonetheless, there is a trend to travel in small and rural towns. In Canada, I found myself visiting towns like Brant ford and Guelph enjoying luxurious winter activities. This something I took for granted  but the desire for adventure is at an all time high as a result of being confided to our homes.

What will we see during the summer season of travel is the shock in inflation on accommodation, transpiration, food, and other ancillary items needed for a fun trip.As a result of the C-19 many travel and tour operator have faced high costs in food and transportation and may likely have to forbear that cost on to the traveler. Nevertheless, you may find some bundle packages at this moment as travel and tour operator are in tight situation to meet the needs of the marketplace.  

Moreover, to prepare yourself and/or your group you are travelling with, I encourage the need to organize your documents to reduce your stress in managing your travel health credentials (COVID-19 testing and vaccine certificates) and other COVID-19 measures when at the airport. In addition, I encourage you to bring photocopy documents in case of petty airport agents. During this season, airports everywhere are running on a case-by-case basis. Be prepared. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) warned of potential airport chaos unless governments move quickly to adopt digital processes and I have seen already how slow airports have been to meet the spirit of times. Check your destination airport online to better prepare yourself for the transit experience. For myself, not being prepared for the airport experience can overwhelm me and potentially ruin my trip. Do not be that person!

Are there any destination I would recommend during these times? Yes, there are many destinations that are well planned and prepared for the upcoming summer season. Turkey and Portugal have set up COVID testing at the airport to make it easier for travelers stopping over enjoying the city before taking off again to your destination. In addition, both destinations have collaborated with the hospitality and tourism industry to train and provide support in upcoming large crowds.  In Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, and Egypt are also friendly to travelers this season as well many Caribbean nations such as Jamaica, Bahamas, and St. Lucia. Many of these small owned operated businesses have taken measures into their own hands to ensure a safe environment and welcoming experience. This will increase their reviews which results in confident travelers and a boost to the local economy.

Whether you take a road trip across your nation or jet set across the world, the key to successful summer travel requires planning and confidence. If you are feeling overwhelmed with planning and preparing for your summer travel, Virtual Nomads is at your service. We provide travel concierge service to ensure you are safe and comfortable wherever you travel. In the meantime, follow us on Youtube: Virtual Nomads TV

Published by JessieO

My name is Jessica Opoku, and I’m an experienced lifestyle travel specialist with a deep passion for adventure. My background, experience, and unique blend of skills enable me to easily understand the travel personality of others and help them pick the perfect itinerary and excursions whenever they need an adventure.

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